Who Are We?


Carolyn founded Velocity: Great British Urban Cycle Wear after becoming disillusioned with the range of women’s cycle wear on the market. After 13 years working within charity and education sectors she decided to go off piste and design herself a pair of women’s specific urban cycling trousers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Little known trivia:
Carolyn cites cycling from Whitehaven to Sunderland on a ladies’ shopper as one of her greatest achievements on two wheels.


Lois first worked with Carolyn when designing the¬†Velocity website. She got her hands on some of the clothing, loved it, and wanted to be more involved. Thankfully Carolyn had the same idea. Lois is a women’s cycling fan-girl, a lover of good design, and a believer that all bike rides should involve coffee and cake.

Little known trivia:
Lois’ cat holds a high powered position on the Velocity Team, however she’s usually too busy sleeping to be much help.


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