Velocity Philosophy

When cycling is a part of your life, you have to love what you’re wearing.    

After years of either arriving at work in scruffy cycling clothes, or ruining nice clothes by cycling in them, we decided to come up with a solution.

Velocity Cycle Wear creates stylish, yet functional clothes that you can wear on and off your bike. It’s great to look good when you cycle, and it’s even better to get off your bike and not look like you’ve been cycling.

Our clothing includes plenty of well thought through cycling specific features, but not too many that other people will notice them. You can cycle around, smug in the knowledge that you are more comfortable than people would ever know!


We design and manufacture all our clothes in the UK (London to be precise). That way we can support local businesses and keep a close eye on the whole manufacturing process. Because we design and manufacture locally we can innovate, respond to demand and take on feedback quickly. We hope you enjoy wearing your Velocity clothing as much as we enjoyed designing and making it.



Questions are always welcomed, as are thoughts, feedback and ideas.

Just contact us.